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 Blueprints are online, self-directed courses that teach the way of the moose and help curb financial struggles, manage your time better, sharpen your life skills, and get you unstuck in life. Blueprints are the tips, tricks, guides, hacks, lessons, and courses that not only help you build a solid, life foundation but help you gain the necessary skills to get ahead in a crazy-complicated, modern world that is stacked against you.

Find the right blueprint for you by starting with one of the three categories below:

Novice Moose

This section is all about the basics, and your first steps towards your ideal life. Get to know the basics of important life skills in the modern world.  If you are new to Millennial Moose™, start your journey here.

Rising Moose

This section is all about leveling up. Learn all the tricks and tactics to sharpen and your life skills. The modern world is hella complicated and stacked against you. Learn how to fight back and thrive in this section.

Master Moose

This section is about independence and implementation. This section harnesses the life skills you’ve been building and putting them to good use. Achieve the life you want and do it in style by becoming a master moose.

Brand New Moose?

Take your first step! Life is hard. Make it less hard by joining the ‘What Do You Want?’ Challenge. This challenge was created for all the new moose out there that are just getting their legs. If you are new to Millennial Moose, new to lifestyle design, or want to learn more about what we do here, this is the place to start.

The Comic

The Millennial Moose™ Comic is a portfolio of the strengths, weaknesses, struggles, and triumphs of the Millennial generation. The world is fast-paced and ruthless so why not laugh while we talk about hard topics. Browse some comics or catch up on the blog with the links below.

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