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Here you will find all of the blueprints Millennial Moose™ has to offer. The blueprints are divided into three sections:

Master Moose                               Rising Moose                               Novice Moose

The Novice Moose section has all of your entry-level blueprints. These are great for the new moose out there. The Rising Moose blueprints are intermediate difficulty and tackle very specific aspects of your lifestyle. The Master Moose Blueprints are the big guns. They tackle large aspects of your lifestyle but also create the most dramatic change.

Try them all! Each blueprint will add a different element to your lifestyle and help you earn the life you’ve always wanted.

Master Moose

Financial Redesign

The Financial Education You Never Received

This blueprint is the financial education we never received. We have enormous opportunities to set a sound financial foundation with the resources already at our disposal. This blueprint will teach you how to build that foundation. Over the last several years, I’ve distilled the tactics I’ve learned through my own experience and traveling the world and poured them into this blueprint. Unlock the power of your current situation and take control of your finances with the Financial Redesign Blueprint.


Nathan does a great job of simplifying personal finance down to a few main points and concepts.  He doesn’t try to complicate things with fancy, grand, and unachievable ideas. His lessons can be applied by any person to help themselves with their money.
Greg Sprungle

Project Engineer

I don’t know how he does it but Nathan is able to take concepts that are dry and complex and turn them into something fun and inspiring. I felt empowered to make the right decisions. He also gave me a realistic timeline that I could use to make the finish line more concrete, which made me want to execute on the plan even more. I highly recommend this course!  

Kwame Christian

Director, American Negotiation Institute

I’ve pondered travel and committing myself to larger than regular life things and have been sifting through various resources over the years. Travel blogs, the PointsGuy (and other financial planning resources), meetups, books and what have you. Not one of them has come close to Nate’s recipe.
Manoj Valluri

Reservoir Engineer

rising Moose

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Financial Redesign Blueprint – Lite

Novice Moose

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What Do You Want? – Challenge!

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Easter Eggs

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Financial Redesign Easter Egg

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