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The Comic

This Millennial Moose comic is a continuation of the black lives matter movement and the death of George Floyd. It has the names of the three most recent deaths by police (George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonne Taylor) but underneath the waves and fading into the depths are the names of countless other victims of police violence. This abstract piece has many interpretations of what's happening but has a sense that the three latest victims are far from alone. An idea that is in itself very harrowing.
In this webcomic, Milli is feeling the existential crisis that is day 34 of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 quarantine. The pandemic is finally taking its toll
Milli faces the supermarket during the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. He is stuck in his head as he attempts to enter the store but continues to see the virus lurking. Luckily an apparition of his conscience appears to calm the Millennial Moose down and reminds Milli to do what he can and control what he can control. Milli then covers his face and prepares to enter the store.
In this Millennial Moose comic, Milli gets a phone call from a friend saying that their COVID-19 test or coronavirus test came back positive. They had just hung out last week.
In this millennial moose comic, Milli comes to grips with the fact that being lazy is not only okay but a necessary part of the COVID-19 or coronavirus lockdown and quarantine. It helps cope with the madness that is this period in history.
In this Millennial Moose comic, Nathan Lieberman depicts the current situation involving George Floyd and police brutality towards the black community in an abstract way. The comic is split in too each side colored black or white. Chains surround the black square on the right. In the middle, the chains are being broken by surges from both the black and the white sides of the panel. The main point of the comic is to depict the effort needed by both communities to break the chains of our family, friends, and neighbors.
In this Millennial Moose comic, our older Millennial penguin has fallen on hard times during the coronavirus pandemic. They were laid off from their job, the kids are running around as schools are closed, and the supermarkets and grocery stores are out of food. It's tough in the land of coronavirus, but in the end penguin's community steps up with some much need motivational messages and a couple bags of groceries to save the day.
In This Millennial Moose Comic, Milli has to get a coronavirus test and is asked to not grab the nurses arm. Anyone who has gotten a test knows that the nurse says that for a reason. Those swabs are no joke.

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Head to the Millennial Moose™ blog for all of the behind the scenes,details, and stories behind the comic. If you ever wondered about the what, when, where, why, or how behind the comic this is the place for you. Who knows? There might even be hidden discounts within the comics… 

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