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Financial Redesign Blueprint-Lite Edition


Be more Millennial without Millennial money problems. The lite edition of the financial redesign blueprint is just a taste of what the full course has to offer. No get-rich-quick schemes, no social media marketing, and definitely no kidney selling. Just some old-fashioned hard work and modernized engineering design principles. The lite edition will cover the basic series of the full blueprint and focus on bringing awareness to your current situation. This blueprint will guide you as you sort through your expenses, manage your payment methods, calculate your saving rate, set up your feedback loop, and even do some risk analysis. The lite edition prepares you for the road to $25,000 and proves, with math, that you have what it takes to be financially free.

What you get:

  • 5 Fully Loaded Lessons
  • The Financial Redesign Lite Workbook
  • 5 High Definition Audio Read-Throughs
  • Proof that you can reach Financial Freedom

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