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Master Moose

Financial Redesign Blueprint


Turn $100 into $25,000. That is the goal of this blueprint. No get-rich-quick schemes, no social media stardom, no drop shipping nonsense, and no selling kidneys. Just some old-fashioned hard work and modernized engineering design principles. Use the power of engineering design to unleash your current situation with an in-depth, financial-lifestyle, redesign blueprint while also laying the foundation for true financial freedom.

Money is a crucial resource in the modern world. Learn to maximize every dollar with the Master Moose Financial Blueprint.

What you get:

  • 18 Fully Loaded Lessons
  • The Financial Redesign Workbook
  • 18 High Definition Audio Read-Throughs
  • Graded Assignments and Support
  • Bonus Investment Lesson
  • The Foundation for Financial Freedom
Nate’s straightforward approach makes it easy to examine your finances, spending and earning, and reflect on the value of your own hard work and money.  What was once a light at the end of the tunnel, a dream of financial freedom, is now a reality within reach.
Joe Totts

Project Engineer

I highly recommend this to anybody that wants to take command of not only their financial health, but their mental health. Completing this guide doesn’t ensure you will be rich instantly, but it will give you the necessary foundation to build great financial skills.
Shawonn Smith

Desktop Support Specialist

The financial redesign is exactly the type of financial literacy course young adults have missed during school. From the comics, to the life tested stories, to the interactive course; everything is set to get you to whatever your goals in life may be.
Darren West

Head Chef @ Incline Public House

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