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What Do You Want?


This blueprint is your launchpad into lifestyle design. Like all design projects, we have to start with empathy. That means getting to know our goals and priorities. This seven-day blueprint focuses on a single question; What do you want? It’s a question that many of us have repressed for a long time.

That ends today.

Without the proper priorities, we wander aimlessly. We ain’t got time for that! We have a life to live! It’s time to show yourself a little empathy. Start the lifestyle design process by defining what you actually want.

What you get:

  • Seven Days of Challenges and Exercises
  • Only 30 minutes of effort a day
  • A deep evaluation of your priorities
  • A snapshot of your ideal lifestyle
  • Figure out what the heck you actually want
  • Begin your Moose journey

Setting your target is the first step in every Moose’s journey. This blueprint does exactly that. Start growing your antlers with the ‘What Do You Want?’ blueprint!

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