The Making

of a Moose

What Is Millennial Moose?

Great question! Millennial Moose is a lifestyle design company that teaches Millennials (and everyone else) the life skills necessary to thrive in the modern world. The modern world is complicated, but a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom is possible for most of us. The best part is that we can achieve the life we want with the resources we already have. Millennial Moose uses the engineering design process, and its prepackaged blueprints, to reinvent your lifestyle, maximize your resources, and get you to where you want to go.

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My Story

Hi. I’m Nate. I’m a Midwest-suburban-white kid who is trying to figure things out. Life is hard, and it doesn’t make it any easier now that the world is so complicated. I’m a millennial. You know, the generation that drinks craft beer, vapes, eats avocado toast, and knows tech things. I was a good kid that got good grades, eventually a degree, and a good job. I did what was expected of me and it granted me a golden ticket to the ultimate goal of modern society: a well-paying job in the real world. One problem though: that was all I had planned. Now what?

The adult-sized paycheck was incredible, but with the increase in cash came many ways to spend. All of a sudden I had to dress better, upgrade the apartment, grab a new car, drink better booze, take fancier vacations, and show my friends and family how successful I’d become. I lived that life for a while until I realized that these life “upgrades” were not truly upgrades. The paycheck coming in was going out just as fast, and since I had nothing planned for this stage of my life, the cycle continued paycheck after paycheck. It made me wonder. We, as Americans, don’t receive formal financial education. We don’t receive time management education. We don’t receive an education in finding and pursuing our dreams. All we receive is an education in the American dream. The idea that if we work really hard, we’ll get there. But where is there?

We dedicate 12 to 25 years of our lives to school and are then thrown into the real world to flounder. We do this while using trial and error and an old map titled “The American Dream” to navigate our way to a white, picket fence and the top of whatever career we randomly decide to chase. If you want to do something different, there are no resources to help you. There are no maps or blueprints that guide you towards a healthy lifestyle on every front besides the typical get-rich-quick schemes you see all over social media. We all know those rarely work. There has to be a better way. There has to be a way to direct our lives and resources into exactly what we are here to do. There has to be a better system. Millennial Moose™ is dedicated to finding that solution.

I Found Something

It was a frustrating time for me as it is for most. I felt stuck, but it was in one of those moments of stuck that I asked myself a question: why do I need to live this way? I didn’t have a good answer. I took a good hard look around me and realized that something had to change. It was time to get to work. I was a product design engineer by trade and began tackling the problem piece by piece. The results? After two and a half years of developing, designing, stashing money, and implementing new tactics into my lifestyle, I had set into motion a plan to follow my dreams of long term travel. In the end, I traveled for 2 years, to 5 continents, 44 countries, 150+ cities, with my now wife, and lived out of a small backpack for the majority of the trip. I was the happiest I had ever been in my whole life. It opened my world to countless people, cultures, and ways to live. Afterwards I realized something. The lifestyle that I crafted before my trip was extremely powerful! I took a two year trip around the world and did not work a second of it, I got Lasik™ eye surgery, I invested in stocks and agriculture, I bought an engagement ring, I attended every party I was invited to, and I still had $15k after it was all said and done. In total, I had amassed $55.2 thousand in 2.5 years of work on a $65k salary. $55.2 THOUSAND in two and a half years. How? I used my design skillset to focus on exactly how I wanted to live my life. I did it by saying no to what I should be doing and focusing on what I wanted to be doing. I did it by realizing that there are so many wonderful ways to live and the American Dream I was prescribed wasn’t the only option.

Years Working

Dollars Generated

Years Traveling

Countries Visited

After returning home, I began distilling the lifestyle that made the trip possible. These are what we here at Millennial Moose™ call blueprints. They are the guides and courses that help pass on what I’ve learned over the years. The blueprints are your key to focusing your life around how you want to live it. There are an infinite amount of ways to live the one life you have. Whether you are looking for a minor tweak or a major overhaul, our blueprints will get you to where you want to go.
Enter the Moose
Why a moose? Well, I always felt a bit out of place. I’m tall, and while growing up, I tripped over my own feet constantly. That is also exactly how I mentally felt once I left school. It seemed as if my entire life was a continuous scene of tripping and stumbling while barely catching myself before the next trip. My wife, who had similar symptoms, had a wonderful saying for people like us, “You look like a moose on roller skates.” I reflected on that for a long time. Moose seem like big clumsy creatures that meander around bumping into every rock and tree with those giant antlers. It made me laugh, and a little moose character popped out of my brain.

Enter Milli the moose. A reincarnation of my younger, stumblin’, bumblin’ self who’s still trying to figure out this crazy world we live in. The Millennial Moose™ cartoon is a collection of my thoughts on the world from a post-travel, millennial perspective. It is a reflection of my past as well as a dissection of millennial life as we head into and interact with the real world. It’s a portfolio of the strengths, weaknesses, problems, and potential of the millennial generation with the hope that an idea might spark a revolution of your own. That is the main point of this site after all. The real world is brutal, and in many ways, it’s stacked against us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh while we talk about hard topics.

Now it’s your turn. I’ve spent my life testing, challenging, and wandering through the world trying to find the meaning of it. Or, rather, how to stop tripping and start moving gracefully through life. In that respect, I’ve figured quite a few things out, and I want to pass them on to you. So go get some blueprints and get after it! The blueprints are your tools for change, but only if you are ready, and serious, about taking the next step.

Enjoy the cartoon and everything else Millennial Moose™ has to offer. The next big phase of your life doesn’t have to be travel, but we here at Millennial Moose™ will get you to where you want to go.

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