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Financial Redesign Blueprint


The financial redesign is exactly the type of financial literacy course young adults have missed during school. From the comics, to the life tested stories, to the interactive course; everything is set to get you to whatever your goals in life may be.
Darren West

Head Chef @ Incline Public House

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when initially diving into this guide. All I knew is that I went into it with the intention of skimming it quickly and grabbing information where I needed it. Before I knew it, I was engrossed in the lessons, and absorbing more material than I could keep up with each time I opened it up. The lessons flow seamlessly, the questions posed are designed to make you truly think, and the game is an awesome test of knowledge retention. While I believe anybody would benefit from this guide, I think you will need a level of commitment in order to maximize what obtain it. All in all, I highly recommend this to anybody that wants to take command of not only their financial health, but their mental health. Completing this guide doesn’t ensure you will be rich instantly, but it will give you the necessary foundation to build great financial skills.
Shawonn Smith

Desktop Support Specialist

Nathan does a great job of really simplifying personal finance down to a few main points and concepts.  He doesn’t try to complicate things with fancy, grand, and unachievable ideas. His lessons can be applied by any person to help themselves with their money.
Greg Sprungle

Project Engineer

Nate’s straightforward approach makes it easy to examine your finances, spending and earning, and reflect on the value of your own hard work and money. His lessons provide an easy, logical path to understanding your own finances, driving you to examine your own spending habits and create a unique design specifically suited to you. They provide you tools to create your own financial boundaries with fun challenges designed to prove, then improve, their effectiveness. What was once a light at the end of the tunnel, a dream of financial freedom, is now a reality within reach.
Joe Totts

Project Engineer

I’ll try to capture (without going into too much detail) my thoughts reviewing and practicing a part the course myself. I would typically add a disclaimer saying these are my thoughts but I’d take it a step further and say every conscious, curious, and committed human would be more than likely to experience what I experienced. For those time starved galaxy guarding avengers out there who look for the TLDRs,

TLDR: Unique. Captivating. Inspiring.

Breaking it down,

Unique: I’ve pondered travel and committing myself to larger than regular life things and have been sifting through various resources over the years. Travel blogs, the PointsGuy (and other financial planning resources), meetups, books and what have you. Not one of them has come close to Nate’s recipe. The lessons and activities in this course work with you to help find your pace and place without coming off as too preachy or impersonal. These exercises give you the tools to become more conscious of your current way of living and see things that shake you up from within for good. An action-result oriented approach helps you be more accountable and cognizant of your progress. It is something I would recommend for anyone regardless of their ambitions and interests. This course is a magic mirror that reflects who you are and what you can be.

Captivating: Personally, being an engineer and someone who appreciates structure and logical sequences, the balance and structure of this course is a treat. Without getting into the nerd zone, Nate brilliantly captures the essence of certain engineering concepts and their relevance to day to day living in order to drive home the importance of self assessment. All of us have random thoughts on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis on how we can improve the way we do things, sometimes something as simple as grocery shopping. Rarely do we give these thoughts a structure and critique. This course helps organize such efforts and in the process, captivates us with its elegance and simplicity in capturing such abstract and complex ideas about our own lives.

Inspiring: The word “course” can be a turn off for most of us since we associate it with sister words such as “work”, “study” and so on. This course is an exception, a refreshing and inspiring one. Think of this as a hike through the woods to reach atop a cliff to see the most poignant sunset and a grand view of lush valleys and gushing rivers. Every calorie you spend on the bike is going towards something that’ll leave you spellbound and inspired. Similarly, every activity you complete or lesson you learn is a trinket you pick up along the hike. And once you’re atop that cliff, you look at yourself through a completely different light, one which is reflective of your burning passion and resilience to be where you want to be, free from financial turmoil or toxic materialism. Add the fact that Nate went through this himself and shared his story through podcasts and social media and you have a resource to constantly inspire and motivate you through your revival and rebirth. 

Summing it up, Nate’s stepwise program is a measured, practical and powerful approach to refine your living. This course helps you do what sounds easy on paper but is harder at every step; looking inward

And once you do that, you will find all the tools you need to build a bridge between your ambitions and actions.

Highly recommend!

Manoj Valluri

Reservoir Engineer

I’m not one of those guys who loves learning about financial literacy. That’s why I was so surprised that I loved this course so much! 

I didn’t have to force myself to go through it.  I genuinely enjoyed each of the modules.

I don’t know how he does it but Nathan is able to take concepts that are dry and complex and turn them into something fun and inspiring. I felt empowered to make the right decisions. He also gave me a realistic timeline that I could use to make the finish line more concrete, which made me want to execute on the plan even more.

I highly recommend this course! 

Kwame Christian

Director, American Negotiation Institute

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