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by | Jun 15, 2020 | Comic, George Floyd

The Story:

We all know the names Ahmaud Arbery, Breonne Taylor, and George Floyd, but the current movement was not built on three names. The actual list of names is appallingly long. Every single name represents someone that is no longer with us. This is not a war memorial. This is not an attack by foreign powers. This is not a list of victims of a strange disease. These were people that will killed in the midst of living their normal lives by the people that have sworn to protect them.
I couldn’t help but think about each individual life as I read the names. I wondered about their friends, about their families, and their hobbies. I wondered about what shows they liked on Netflix. I wondered if they liked to travel, what their favorite joke was, or if they liked butter on toast. Would we have been friends? Would we talk about similar hobbies? Would we have been awesome co-workers solving every problem? Would our kids go to the same school? Did we like the same type of music? I’m sure that most of these would be answered with a yes.
It hurts to write all of those questions in the past tense. There are a lot of names on this list.

My Two Cents:

What is there to say? Much of the white community has stood up for their fellow Americans. Much of the white community is still grappling with the complexity of the situation. But if you come to the conclusion that everything is fine and we should all just move on, I question your character. I question your character because you lack the basic human skill of empathy. Our fellow Americans are dying in the streets. I don’t care who you are or what you believe. I don’t care what your politics are or where you get your news. Look at this list… Is that America? Is this a more perfect union? Is that the nation we so proudly hail? Is that liberty and justice for all?
No it’s not. So what are we going to do about it?
Nathan Lieberman

Nathan Lieberman

The Moose

After two years of continuous travel through forty-four countries over five continents, Nate now returns to the US ready to pass on what he’s learned throughout his journey through the Millennial Moose™ blueprints.

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