What You Can Do for COVID-19

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Comic, COVID-19

The Story:

We have some crazy times on our hands. Schools are closed, work is remote, the stock market has tanked, restaurants and bars are shut down indefinitely, and we are all stuck in our homes. All of this because a nasty, little, COVID-19 virus is spreading through the world like a wildfire in the middle of July. It is a bit funny though, or at least funny to me, that in order to save our fellow Americans, we need to stay at home and watch Netflix with a side of video games. Our grandparents marched off to war against the axis powers, our parents fought for civil rights and made it through the Vietnam war, and we get to stay inside during a gloomy spring and save lives in the process. In terms of crazy, generational events, we are not doing to shabby.

My Two Cents:

In all seriousness, this is a deadly disease and should not be taken likely. I have talked to many Millennials from across the spectrum of panic. Some have already been sheltered in place for weeks while others are STILL brushing this off as if it were flu season. Things are crazy right now but, THAT IS FOR A REASON. We need to do our part in protecting the generation the marched off to war and stood up for the rights of all Americans. 
There is a lot of information out there. Make sure you are getting the right dose of the right info. At the moment, information is the best protection from the virus and hysteria. Defer to doctors, scientists, and stats to help make decisions and beliefs. Avoid the emotional packed, propaganda-esk junk if possible. 
One source that has continued to pump out quality content is the Scientific American. Check out this article for an interesting take on global pandemics
Stay safe and stay healthy!


Nathan Lieberman

Nathan Lieberman

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