What’s Wrong with Me?

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Comic, COVID-19

The Story:

It’s been almost a month since the COVID-19 pandemic ground the world to a halt. The news has gotten worse and worse as time dripped into the future like a water torture device. I won’t lie to you. The weight of the situation smacked me pretty hard. I was going to take a routine trip to the grocery store when I froze. I just froze. Thoughts began racing through my head such as, “Is this the time when I get it?” It wasn’t a full on panic attack, but I had to collect myself and wipe the glue off my shoes. It was something I had never experienced before and jumping that mental hurdle is no joke.


My Two Cents:

One of the unsung stories of the pandemic is its effect on mental health. I had about a week and a half of weird mood swings and depression as the pandemic began to creep across America. Mental stress and anxiety are enormous challenges to face! There is no perfect solution for each person and it’s hard to take a step forward in any productive direction. What I can say is that this is perfectly normal. You are allowed to feel this way. This situation sucks. It REALLY sucks, and you have permission to feel down every once in a while. The important point is to realize that this will pass. This won’t be forever. This includes your stints with depression and anxiety. Take small productive steps, go easy on yourself, take care of that brain and control what you can control. We’ve faced many problems as a human race. This one will become history just like the others.
Nathan Lieberman

Nathan Lieberman

The Moose

After two years of continuous travel through forty-four countries over five continents, Nate now returns to the US ready to pass on what he’s learned throughout his journey through the Millennial Moose™ webcomics and blueprints.

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